Travis & Brittany {Colorado Wedding}

What defines the perfect wedding...nice weather, delicious food, awesome venue, the and friends in attendance, beautiful flowers, good music...etc etc.. ?  

Or is the feeling of the day?  

"The bride eagerly anticipates seeing the ceremony where she'll meet her groom" 

"The groom is so overjoyed when he sees his bride that is eyes are full of emotion" 

Of course, we all hope the weather will hold up and the bride doesn't spill anything on her white gown...but at the end of the day- it's about the joining of two people and the beginning of their new life together. 

Travis and Brittany's wedding was even more than a celebration of their commitment to each other...but a celebration and PROCLAMATION of God and his GREAT Love for HIS bride...The Church. The bride (the church) eagerly anticipates seeing her groom....and the groom (Christ) loves and cherishes his bride. 

What a beautiful day Travis & Brittany...thank you for asking me to be a part of it.