Le Petit Prince turns 1! {personal}

Today my baby turns 1! Malachi is full of energy, silliness and joy. Some of his favorite things include- opening cabinets, cupboards, doors...pretty much anything that opens and closes,  giving mama kisses, clapping when we say "yay, Malachi", books with flip-the-flaps,  and climbing stairs (time for some baby gates!). Andrew and I spent a good hour last night lying in bed looking at pictures and video from this past year and just marveling at how fast it's gone by and how it's even possible that we could be parents...seriously...when did that happen?

As we celebrate this first year of Malachi's life, I pray that God would take hold of my son's heart even now and grow him into a child that follows after Him. I pray that he would have ears to hear the beauty of the gospel and a heart that would believe in the One who created him someday too. Happy Birthday, Boo Boo. Mama loves you.