Urban Ballerina (part 1)

Sometimes you have to do projects simply because YOU want to do them. I think it's really important between jobs to photograph something just because it's something I want to try/learn/experiment with/have fun with. This "Urban Ballerina" shoot was something I tried/learned/experimented with/had a TON of fun with :) No one hired me for this shoot but it's something I hope to do more of! This was a HUGE learning experience for me!

Not only was I learning to do a portrait at night (these were shot between 8-9pm) but also a portrait...at night...with combination natural lighting (some sky, streetlamps, car lights, etc) and softbox lighting....that is also a portrait, at night, combo lighting AND an action shot. It was a complicated puzzle but I think produced some really beautiful images :) Thank you to my dad, who held the lights and helped me with the puzzle pieces, and to Mary- who was such a trooper and so brave to dance in the middle of Old Town on a busy night apparently! Who knew she'd have such an audience? I'm calling this "part 1"...with the hopes there will be more shoots like this soon....